A-Z Funeral Services

Meeting the final wishes of the deceased person

Most of the funerals we take care of are handled in the traditional way, but with our rich experience we can also arrange funerals according to each person’s wishes.

Honouring your loved ones with a well-deserved funeral celebration

The vast selection of funeral services we provide at Habbarija A-Z Funeral Services allows us to arrange local funerals and organise repatriations from and to Malta. Although this particular time is hard for you and your family, we believe in the celebration of the deceased life.

With our services we can help you mourn with family and friends, while at the same time celebrating the beautiful life of the person you lost. Though it won’t bring back that person gone, we value our commitment in making you go through this sad process with as much ease as possible.


Coffins & Caskets

We have a wide range of coffins in various materials, sizes and colours for different ages, that can be embellished with various interior finishes and other accessories.

Whichever budget you have in mind, we guarantee you that all our imported coffins and caskets are of the highest standard. Our Company also takes care of dressing the deceased and supplies cremation caskets and biodegradable coffins.

Funeral Cars


Funeral Cars

We have a wide choice of chauffeur driven black, white and silver hearses to carry coffins and other modern funeral cars to accompany you and the family to the church and the cemetery. 

Should you wish to organise one last memorable journey for your loved one, our Company provides as well the traditional horse drawn carriage for the transportation of the departed.


Church Arrangements

Being the final goodbye you’ll say to your close family member or friend, we understand the high level of organisation you want for the whole funeral service to progress smoothly. As such, our Company takes care of coordinating with the priest and the chosen church to make sure everything is ready and in place for the funeral according to the family requests.

When preparing the funeral we seek to keep all these additional thoughts off your mind, so you can focus on grieving intimately your lost one.

church arrangements


funeral flowers


Funeral Flowers

Though they might be meaningless at this moment in your life, flowers can really be an essential part when paying tribute to your loved ones.

That’s why we can also help you in choosing the best flower arrangement when dealing with loss. Whether you wish to have a custom bouquet, wreath or other creation with flowers, we can coordinate with your trusted florist or ours for both the church and cemetery décor.


Obituary Notifications

You can leave the issuing of funeral notices in our good hands when someone close to you passes away. We draw up and print the obituary notifications for their publication on newspapers and airing on the local radio stations of your choice.

As difficult it may be for you, it can be nice to inform people about the death of your loved one in order for them to know when the funeral will be held and join in with the rest to pay their respects.

Burial Site Preparations

Whichever cemetery you wish to have the deceased buried at, we can fully prepare the site by coordinating all the necessary arrangements with the management. Should you wish to hire funeral pallbearers for the burial site we provide you also this service.

Our staff of undertakers takes care as well of the burying process for a tranquil handling and side-by-side assistance till the end.

Memorial Cards (Santi)

We take care of arranging and printing personalised memorial cards or remembrance booklets to hand out to family and friends in loving memory of the lost person. 

You can choose to have a standard memorial card or opt for a custom design, including a photo of the deceased together with a prayer or a special verse according to your wish. Memorial Cards or better known as Santi can really be highly appreciated by those who wish to remember the life of your beloved relative.


Death Certificates

Let us handle all the paperwork and technicalities required behind the funeral. Once you trust us with the funeral preparations, our experienced staff takes it in their hands to prepare any documentation such as the death certificate or other in accordance with the legally stipulated deadlines.

This service extends as well to foreign clients who have just lost a relative in Malta, but wish to do the burial in the country of origin of the deceased.

Funeral Music

Animating the funeral mass celebration with singing can be comforting and peaceful in the time you need most for a beautiful tribute to the departed.

We can provide you with our reliable advice to help you choose a professional singer, a choir or an organist and coordinate with them for a remarkable performance.



We manufacture locally made-to-measure tombstones or headstones with sculpted designs and illustrations according to your taste and style.

Using only robust natural stones, our craftsmen are always ready to consult with you regarding the design and size of tombstone you wish to place at the burial site.

We manufacture as well statues and stone illustrations such as crosses to complement the tombstone.

Premium quality imported tombstones are also available at Habbarija A-Z Funeral Services.