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Covering all funeral arrangements you need when a close relative dies abroad

Losing a loved one really hurts, let alone losing that person when they’re kilometres away from you!

Death Overseas

At Habbarija A-Z Funeral Services we specialise in planning and organising the repatriation of the deceased to and from Malta. Receiving the sad news about a family member who died abroad while on a holiday or other is devastating and painful.

Aware of the sadness such a death can bring with it, our Company’s international network allows us to join you with the deceased for one last time in the shortest possible time.




Repatriation of the deceased from Malta

We help foreigners living in or visiting Malta who suffer a loss and wish to send the corpse for burial in their country of origin. By taking all the required measures regarding international sanitation, port inspections and airline regulations, we make use of a specialised sealed coffin for a safe and secure send-off.

Moreover, any documentation needed for the international transport is also in our hands!

Repatriation of the deceased to Malta

Our staff takes care of taking the corpse for cremation to Messina in Sicily and then returns back with the cremated remains sealed in accordance with all the international health and port regulations. This service is offered to both Maltese and foreign nationals and we travel with the coffin containing the corpse, supported by the necessary documentation. If you’ve just lost a loved one who died abroad, you can also seek our help to assist you in bringing their corpse back to Malta.

The repatriation services we offer at Habbarija A-Z Funeral Services are very comprehensive and we guide you throughout the whole process. Our strong network with both local and international Embassies, High Commissions, travel and insurance companies gives us the possibility to work with ease!

Consult with us for further information regarding repatriation and international transportation of your loved ones. We are here to assist you 24/7!

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