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Funeral planning with experience & dedication

We have been arranging funerals for decades, but nevertheless, we share the mourning of loss with you every time!

Family-run for more than 150 years

Habbarija A-Z Funeral Services was originally established by the late John Agius. After passing away, the Company was handed down to his son Carmelo Agius and today it has been passed onto the direction of Guido Agius. Despite being in its third generation, our Company has constantly remained close to both local and foreign clients by helping them with all the necessary funeral arrangements.

As funeral directors and undertakers, we are committed to give you all the support you need in letting off your dearest ones with dignity and peace of mind. Whether expected or sudden, facing the death of a close relative or friend is always heartbreaking! We help you ease the emotional burden with genuine compassion and respect when trusting us to take care of all the preparations and usual practices required for a funeral.

Guido Agius and the staff

The director, Guido Agius and the Company’s staff is always here to give you the support you need! Whether it’s about gathering the necessary documentation or provide you with advice on flower arrangements, repatriation, transportation, cremation, burial and other; our team will accompany you throughout the whole difficult journey.

Tackling the costs of a funeral

We treat each funeral individually to respect each of our clients’ budget. Arranging a funeral can sometimes involve more than one family member getting together to decide on the things to be done in such a short and hard time. At Habbarija A-Z Funeral Services we offer our clients the option of monthly instalments and can also issue separate invoices to each family member involved, in order to tackle smoothly the whole funeral process.

Providing funeral services to Malta & Gozo, and overseas

We pride ourselves in offering a personalised and holistic service to every client. Discover how our process works for both local and overseas funeral arrangements.


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